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Live Sound Specialists


"Can you hear me?" Don't let this be the first sentence from your presenter's mouth.

If you want your audience to stay awake and not drift off because they cannot hear - do it right! Sound is one area which needs to be done correctly. Not all rental sound systems are alike.


We provide systems that are of excellent quality and with very high speech intelligibility . Small systems for 20 or 50 people or large systems for thousands, systems for speaking through to systems for live music. We only use high quality professional audio equipment from manufacturers such as Hill Pro Audio, Fohhn Audio, Powersoft, Beyer Dynamic, DPA Microphones, Roland Pro A/V & Allen & Heath. You can be assured that you and your artists will be heard clearly.


The equipment though is only a part of the answer to a satisying sound hire result for your event. Without experienced, flexible, reliable - and above all - friendly personel, to operate the equipment, customer and/or artist satisfaction will never be achieved.


We specialize in live sound for acoustic music and speech-based events like conferences and seminars, often the most difficult to get right. Because of our work with Houses of Worship, and being active believers ourselves, we are also particularly versed in church-based events.

PA Hire

Professional Pro Audio Rental Services - Events

We have worked with Sound Systems featuring Fohhn Audio and Roland Pro A/V, for over 15 years. The transparency and smooth frequency-response of these compact line-array loudspeakers is outstanding, and deliver an amazingly even coverage of sound throughout a venue. In conjunction with full digital mixing systems from Roland they have never failed to impress. They are ideally suited to both top-level acoustic music and conference events.

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Professional Pro Audio Rental Services

- Hill Pro Audio

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The recent addition of Hill Pro Audio to our portfolio enables us to provide services to far larger events, but with the same expertise and quality as usual.

Please contact us for further information under:

[email protected]

Dry Hire Audio Rental Services

Although dry-hire is not the mainstay of our business, we do have some smaller PA's for self-operation, for instance portable, battery-powered PA's or small band PA's. We also offer some lighting systems. Please contact us for further information under:

[email protected]

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